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I have a little bit of a rant.
No, I’m lying.
On twitter at the moment, there is a brawl over a tweet that I posted that said “”US Military? You mean the Army and it’s 4 bitches?” 😂😂😂👏👏” and it was not meant to show any disrespect to ANY of the branches of the armed…

I feel like this is a situation where between branches, they’ll make fun of each other, like siblings, but when an outsider makes a comment -which, I’m sorry, you ARE an outsider unless you’re also a service member- then everyone gets upset. getting defensive isn’t going to help you (especially with DD) when people get upset about something you joked about. just say: it’s a joke. then let it go. you don’t see it as wrong, therefore you don’t have to defend it. especially to people you don’t know on the internet.